Season Ticket Packages vs. Membership Flex-Passes 
Season Ticket Packages: 

1. Season Tickets offer a great value to the theater patron as they allow you to purchase your desired seats at a discounted rate by purchasing the same seats for all events in the package. 2. Season packages allow you to schedule your time around the show dates and times that you choose during the check-out process, this means when you’re finished you will have a ticket(s) to all shows in the package, the same seat(s) for all shows in the package, and a ticket(s) for the specific dates and times of your choosing. 3. After purchase, all you need do is show up with ticket(s) in hand, walk in, sit down and ENJOY THE SHOW! 
Subscriber “Flex-Pass”: 
1. “Flex-Passes” offer a great deal of flexibility in ticket purchasing. You’re still buying seat, but not necessarily for a specific date or time. You, as a Subscriber, have the option to use your Flex-Pass (6, 9, or 12 seats) for any or all of the events in the season. That means that you may use all of your seats for a single event or split them as you wish between the shows.  2. If you are unable to make one of the shows, you have not “lost” those tickets. You will still be able to use them for an upcoming event.